Floor Coatings

Over 25 Years of Flooring Coatings Experience

Protech Contracting Services, Inc. is an experienced contractor applying quality industrial and decorative commercial floor coating applications.  We have been specifying and installing quality floor coatings since 1994, providing professional, reliable and expert solutions to industries across the Upper Midwest.

Protech has over 25 years of flooring experience and provides a single source floor coating contract. All work is backed up with a full installation guarantee and material’s warranty. We cover all aspects of your project, including advanced floor preparation, concrete repairs and installation of high quality systems – which will help solve your flooring coating needs.

Protech is an approved applicator of several leading manufacturers within the floor coating industry and utilize highly experienced applicators to complete projects as per the customer’s expectations. We provide a total project management system approach, starting with a free survey incorporating effective solutions, specification, free test panels or trial areas to determine the right specification to fit your needs.

Since established, we have focused on providing a quality service with the intention of achieving excellence in all areas of resinous flooring systems. Our flooring installation work is carried out by experienced and skilled craftsman, who are fully trained in the methods and materials they use.

Our investment in specialized training and floor coating application equipment enables us to maintain total quality control over all installation phases.


Polyurethane Concrete

Polyurethane concrete offers greater resistance against acids, fats and chemicals than other flooring systems and are particularly suited to food, beverage and chemical process areas.  They are steam cleanable and provide a textured surface.

Applied at a thickness ranging from 1/8”- 3/8” dry film thickness (DFT), polyurethane concrete provides a heavy duty, hard wearing, impact resistant seamless floor suitable for wet and dry exposures. Commonly applied in food process operations, chemical process, heavy- duty plant and traffic areas, and areas subjected to thermal-shock.

Epoxy Coating and Topping

Typically applied at a thickness of 6.0 mils to 30.0 mils DFT smooth, or as a 1/8” to ½” DFT mortar with a slip-resistant finish.  Epoxy coatings provide a hard wearing, heavy duty, impact resistant, seamless floor suitable for process operations, packaging, production, manufacturing, warehousing and distribution.

Polyaspartic, Polyurea and Epoxy/Polyurethane Coatings

These coating systems are quickly installed (often within one day), hygienic, dust free and are suitable for light to medium traffic.  They have outstanding chemical and wear resistance and can be applied with anti-slip and decorative properties.  These coatings are suitable for aircraft hangars, workshops, warehouses, production areas, storage facilities, distribution areas and manufacturing areas.

Decorative Coatings

Decorative systems come in a variety of colors and finishes.  These can be enhanced with decorative flakes and colored aggregates to produce a wide range of floor finishes where image is important.  Medium - heavy duty decorative system floors are suitable for reception areas, showrooms, retail units, laboratories, restaurants, restrooms, locker rooms, and patient areas to name a few.  Coating thickness is dependent on the application and use, but typically are installed at 16.0 mils DFT to 1/8” DFT with integral wall cove base.